I'm Hillary and on the days when I'm not photographing newborns or families I'm out exploring! My favorite things in life beside my family are going on road trips off the beaten path, exploring new places, gardening and skiing. Before starting my professional photography business, I was a photojournalist at the Greeley Tribune. I've pretty much always done photography! I'm thankful every day that i am living my dream job getting to document memories for families in Denver! 

a Denver, Colorado based photographer!

Hillary wheat


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Around Colorado

Road trips





 Count me in for an off the beaten path adventure.! But because everyday can't be an adventure, I'm always looking for inspiration in the everyday through light, composition and connection. I've been featured and won awards in national and international magazines.

       I love adventure

Summer is for adventuring and exploring! I take my kids location scouting all the time.

sunny days

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I love planning

I'm addicted to finding cool Airbnbs and then doing fun photoshoots there. Having a new location to photograph in is so inspiring. 

missing these days