I love newborn photography sessions! Nothing compares to the joy of welcoming a baby into your life.  

The studio newborn session takes place ideally in the baby's first two weeks. That's when they are the sleepiest so easiest to photograph all curled up in cute poses. For a natural in home session, anytime is a good time! 

It's important to have an experienced professional who is trained in newborn photography to make sure your session is a success. I have been in business for 13 years and take workshops in newborn photography and safety each year. Newborn safety is extremely important to me. Each session is about three hours long and takes place in my home studio in Central Park. I have everything we need for the session including tons of props that we can coordinate together for your session. No need to bring anything, or buy anything, just show up and I'll take care of everything!  

Newborn studio session

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Denver newborn baby boy


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Three hours studio session or in home session. Includes all the images in your gallery ( minimum of 35)along with copyright release.

PERFECT FOR all the photos

Newborn package B


Whats included...

three hour studio or in home session. Includes 20 downloadable high resolution images and a copyright release 

PERFECT FOR A few photos

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Send me an email or give me a call so we can get you on my calendar! I will add you to my calendar based on the expected due date then firm up a day once your baby arrives.

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Once we get you on my calendar for your baby's newborn photos I will send you all the business stuff like deposit, contract and copyright release. 

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On the day of your baby's newborn photography session don't worry about preparing anything. Just show up and I'll take care of everything. We can pick out colors and props together or I can do it all you can just enjoy for the comfy coach in my studio! 

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Two weeks after your session, I will  post your gallery. Then about a 1-2 weeks after that you will have all your images fully edited and ready to download. I will share with you my favorite professional labs for printing, 

 After your session

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" l just downloaded the folder and got my edited pictures! Thank you so so so much! You are unbelievably talented and I appreciate you capturing priceless photos of my family! "

Happy Client

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