In Home vs Studio Newborn Photos: Which Is Better For You?

The newborn photoshoots started increasing in popularity between five and ten years ago. Newborn photoshoots help capture the beginning of your child’s days and help you hold onto the memories.

With the rise of newborn photography, you have many options when choosing the setting.

The two most popular options are visiting a studio and taking the photos in your own home. Both options offer different benefits and parents will prefer different settings.

Should you take your newborn photos in your home or at a studio? Here’s a guide to both options.

In Your Home

Certain newborn photographers offer to come to your home and shoot your baby. When is this the best option? Here are some signs that prove a newborn photography session in your home is the best option.

You Prefer Hosting the Shoot in Your Home

Some parents are just simply more comfortable in their home — or they’re more comfortable keeping the baby in their home. If this sounds like, a professional photographer can come to your home and can do the shoot there.

Keep in mind, the photographer will have to bring their whole set up. This includes their camera, tripod, lighting, and other necessities such as props.

Your Baby Doesn’t Like Being in Public

Some babies have anxiety being out of the home or being around strangers. Other babies just don’t like riding in the car or even moving around too much.

If this sounds like your baby, an in-home photoshoot is the best option. The last thing you want is the photographer to capture your baby’s fussiest moments.

Maybe your baby is fine in public. But that doesn’t mean they behave better when they’re out and about. The key to timeless and beautiful baby photos is keeping babies comfortable. And most babies feel better when they’re home.

You’re Photographing Multiple Babies and Family Members

Are you taking newborn photos with twins? What if your newborn is posing with their older brother or sister?

Shooting multiple babies and toddlers are challenging. The key is keeping them happy and in their comfort zone, which is usually in the home.

What if you’re photographing the whole family — including the grandparents, aunts, and uncles? While you can all arrive at a studio together, it may be easier to meet at your home. Everyone knows your home and is comfortable there.

You Want Your Home in the Background

One of the reasons why parents prefer studio photos is they love the props and baby-themed backdrops. But some parents would rather use their own home as the backdrop.

In addition, some parents don’t want posed photos and fancy backdrops. They prefer the lifestyle themed photos where the photographer captures them in their natural element.

In the Studio

There are parents who prefer an in-home photoshoot but many will prefer taking their photos in a professional studio. Here are the benefits of a newborn studio photoshoot.

You Have Access to Props

If you prefer working with different props and backdrops, you’ll prefer the studio experience. Some photographers even offer different outfits so you don’t have to shop for costumes.

A professional studio will also allow you to utilize all of the props and backdrops, resulting in diverse and creative photos.

Even if you don’t care for a myriad of props and backdrops, a photographer usually has more space in their studio. You can work with a variety of different positions, angles, and poses.

The Best-Quality Photos

If quality is what you want, you’ll love the studio experience.

A photographer has everything set up perfectly — from the camera positioning that gets the perfect angles to the perfect lighting. While a photographer can bring their gear to your home, you may not receive the same results.

Lighting is the most important contributor to your photo quality.

Most high-end cameras are portable and photographers can carry them to your home.

But your photographer will specifically need their whole lighting rig, and transporting their lights isn’t always doable. If you host a home photoshoot, there’s a chance your photographer will only carry limited lights.

In a studio, your photographer will have their whole set-up. There will be plenty of light, resulting in clear and high-quality photos.

Your Baby Will Still Be Comfortable

Are you still worried about your baby’s comfort? Newborn photographers know what makes your baby happy — and what will result in the best pictures. That’s why your baby’s comfort is most important to them.

If your baby is positioned in any props, the photographers will do what they can to ensure your baby is secure. They will keep them warm and cozy, so your baby is serene in front of the camera.

The Shoot Will Be Easier and Quicker

Even though a photographer can take great photos in your home, a home photoshoot may require responsibilities on your end.

This includes finding areas of your home to do the shoot as well as cleaning and rearranging belongings so the photographer has plenty of room.

You have virtually no responsibilities when you schedule a studio shoot. Just bring your baby in. Your photographer will handle the rest.

In addition, studio photoshoots are usually quicker.

The photographer’s gear is already set up and they’re ready to go. If you host the photoshoot at your home, your photographer will have to set up their gear, which will add time to your shoot.

You’ll Have the Best Newborn Photos

Did you recently have a baby? Newborn photos will help the memories live on for years to come.

Today, parents have the option of taking their photos in a professional studio as well as in their own homes. Weigh out the benefits of both and decide which is the best option for your homes.

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