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Newborn Pictures FAQ: Everything You Need to Know Before Your Session

Newborn Pictures FAQ: Everything You Need to Know Before Your Session

Curious about when to take newborn pictures? What your baby should wear? Should the whole family be in the photos? Read on for the A’s to your most common Q’s.

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Having a baby is one of the most special stages of life. Studies show that taking images of important life events can enhance our experiences. These images are even able to provide us with greater enjoyment in life.

This is why many new parents choose to have pictures taken of their newborns. These photography sessions offer a way to capture those priceless moments that go by in a blur. 

Many first-time parents are unsure of what to expect during a newborn photo session. Read on for the most commonly asked questions about having newborn pictures taken. 

When Is the Best Time to Take Newborn Photos?

One of the most popular questions that get asked is when to take newborn photos. The best time falls within the first two weeks of birth. 

This is when the baby is sleeping the most and able to easily mold into those precious positions. These positions still feel natural and comfortable for the newborn. This is because the baby is still used to being curled up inside the womb. 

After two weeks old, the baby will start to stretch out and extend their arms and legs more. This can make it more difficult to pose the baby in these cozy newborn shots. 

If this timeframe does not work well, there is also the option of booking a 6-month or 1-year session. Family photography sessions are also a popular way to capture these special memories. 

Many parents also ask about the umbilical cord stump. Babies tend to lose this between 10 to 14 days old. Yet, the photographer can work around the stump and use photoshop if needed. 

How Far in Advance Should I Book My Session?

It’s best to book your session well before your baby is expected to arrive. This ensures the photographer has enough availability around your due date. Once booked, the photographer does their best to be flexible if your due date changes. 

Many parents also find that they prefer to wait until the baby is at least 5 days old to have the shoot. This gives parents time to adjust to their new life with the newborn. They can establish a feeding routine and get some much-needed rest before the session occurs. 

What Should My Baby Wear? 

The photographer takes care of all the clothing and dress-up needs. So, comfy and easy to remove clothing is most ideal for the baby to arrive in. You’ll also want to be sure the baby has on a fresh diaper.  

Most photos will include wraps and baby blankets rather than clothes. The photographer will also have plenty of adorable newborn photoshoot outfit options available. 

Parents that wish to be in the photos should wear comfortable clothing in a neutral color. Plain shirts are favored over those with patterns or wording. This helps to not pull too much focus from the photos.   

How Long Will the Photo Shoot Take?

Clients should aim for a newborn photoshoot to last about 3 hours. This timeframe ensures the photographer can capture all the best images. It also leaves time for feedings, changes, and soothing the baby back to sleep if needed.  

Certain poses take longer to photograph than others as well. This includes the always-favorite frog pose as well as any hanging positions.

These shots involve taking a series of composite photos. Then the images are placed together and edited using design software. This is the safest way to accomplish these adorable shots.  

Is It Better to Shoot In-Studio or at My Home? 

A studio environment often makes for a simpler and safer process. This is because the photographer has all their lighting, props, and accessories in-studio.

This includes plenty of baskets, cradles, florals, blankets, and wraps to choose from. Clients also have access to all wardrobe selections, including hats, headbands, and beanies. 

Photographers can control an in-studio environment much better. They can keep the heat at the most comfortable temperature for the baby. They also offer a quiet and soothing place to keep the baby sleeping throughout the shoot.  

Shooting in-studio helps to limit any distractions as well. These often arise when shooting infant photos at a client’s home. Here are a few more tips to help decide between an at-home or in-studio shoot.  

How Can I Make for a Smoother Photo Shoot?

Showing up with a positive attitude always makes for the best newborn family photos. You also want to make sure the baby arrives fed and in a fresh diaper.  

There is no need to bring outfits or accessories as the photographer has plenty to choose from. Yet, it’s fine to bring a special memento that you wish to have the baby photographed with. 

It helps to have breastmilk or formula on hand in case the baby gets hungry during the shoot. Breastfeeding is also welcome during the session. A pacifier may be helpful if your baby takes one as a soothing technique.  

Another tip is to keep your phone on silent during the shoot. This helps to limit distractions for the parents, baby, and photographer. 

How Long Will It Take to Receive the Final Images?

Clients should allow for about 2 weeks of editing time to receive their final image gallery. The gallery provides access to 35 high-resolution images that can be easily downloaded.

The final delivery also includes a copyright release. With this, images may be printed and shared with friends and family on social media. 

Capturing Memories With a Collection of Newborn Pictures

Newborn sessions are a specialty niche handled by a select group of skilled photographers. When taking newborn pictures, the baby’s safety, comfort, and care always come first. This ensures the best-captured images of these special yet fleeting moments. 

Interested in learning more about having newborn pictures taken of your little one? Reach out to Hillary Wheat Photography to discuss booking a newborn session. 

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